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Blackstone Labs Harmonize - The Ultimate PCT For Women - Prohormone Post Cycle Therapy for Women

Blackstone Labs Harmonize - The Ultimate PCT For Women - Prohormone Post Cycle Therapy for Women

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All right, how's it going guys? This is Brad with Best Price Nutrition. You can check out our website, Subscribe to this YouTube channel, check out our social media. When you go to our website, be sure to sign up for our email newsletter list deal, where you could see all of the upcoming sales we have going on, giveaways, newest products, all that good stuff.

Today I'm going to go over what we have figured out to be probably the best PCT for women. We had a woman call in the other day who was asking about PCTs and she did have a lot of very good questions. We thought about them and we were like, you know what? What about Harmonize from Blackstone Labs? And we looked at it and we think that this is probably going to be the best option for a PCT for women.

So, normally when you're taking a prohormone, you're going to be increasing anabolic hormones and possibly decreasing your natural testosterone and maybe increasing your estrogen, which all makes sense for a man. There's all things that you could do to mitigate these effects. But when it comes to a woman, it's a harder thing to do, because it's almost inverse of everything that you want. Generally women don't want a ton of testosterone because of the masculinizing features. They don't want to crush their estrogen. They need a lot of estrogen, and their natural testosterone, they don't want none, but it can be low. It already is kind of low.

So for a woman, if you're taking a prohormone cycle or whatever the case may be, you may be raising your testosterone and possibly crushing your estrogen if you're taking Arimistane. You could probably just let your body do what it wants to do with estrogen. I'm not an expert on that, I don't really know. But as far as prohormones, when you're done, you really don't want to take something like Arimiplex, because that is going to crush your estrogen. I don't mean crushing to the ground, but it's going to lower your estrogen and it's going to have natural test booster in it too.

So those aren't really things that you want as a woman. You probably want something that's more just going to optimize your hormones, which is where Harmonize comes in. That's what the whole point of Harmonize was. So looking at Harmonize, it is by Blackstone Labs. The front of the bottle. I don't have a bottle with me right now, so I just printed it out. It says hormone balancing, weight management, skin and complexion, mood enhancing.

The middle two, I'm not really concerned about for this video, the weight management and the skin and complexion. I don't think that really matters for this. It's cool to have it in there, but that's not really the main goal. Usually what women may experience if they're doing prohormones when they're coming off and they're trying to bounce back, they may have a drop of libido, they may have a lack of energy, and they may have mood dips, which is pretty common for guys and girls coming off. But there's different ways of going about it to get it back up.

So what's in Harmonize? There is Maca, there is PEA, which is beta-phenylethylamine. There is turmeric, Mucuna Pruriens, which turns into L-dopa, which crosses your blood brain barrier, whereas dopamine doesn't. Epimedium Extract, which standardizes to [inaudible 00:03:02] which is the thing in horny goat weed. Damiana Extract, which is kind of a weird one. It does a lot of stuff, but there's some cool effects to it. Sodium nitrate, which I assume is in there for the nitrates, which is going to help with blood flow for maybe sex reasons.

Then there is Arimistane in there. The chemical name of it is Androsta-3, 5-diene-7, 17-dione. So the reason that Arimistane is in there, I specifically reached out to Blackstone to understand why, because I thought you wouldn't want to necessarily lower your estrogen too much as a woman. And their reasoning was that it is in there at such a small amount since it's the last ingredient, it's not going to really lower your estrogen. It's really just going to help get rid of some water weight and possibly lower your cortisol. So that's why that's in there.

So as far as the Maca. Maca is really good for improving your libido. For some reason it seems to work better in women than men, although there's studies that show improvements in both. But it really helps with women a lot. So to me, I think that's kind of the equivalent of fenugreek for men. Where fenugreek won't actually raise your testosterone, but it does give you the feeling of higher testosterone in the form of an increased libido.

Which for dudes, if you're getting older or if you're coming off of a cycle, something you just have no libido, it can be pretty depressing as weird as it sounds. If you don't have a libido, that's kind of evolutionarily, that is the whole point that we're here, to reproduce. And if you don't have the drive for that, it can really be depressing. So taking Maca, if you don't have a sex drive, which is what libido is, could increase it, which is going to be a big help.

Next, PEA. That is going to be more of a mood enhancer. It is a stimulant, so this isn't really something you'd want to take right before bed. PEA is short-lived because it gets broken down by an enzyme in your body really quickly. There is something you could take to prolong it, but I don't think that this is really what this is going for. I don't think this is trying to be a fat burner or anything. I think this is just trying to give you a temporary mood boost, kind of feel good. Where again, if you are depressed from coming off cycle, maybe just a little something might be what you're looking for.

The tumeric I didn't really get. I guess that's for the skin effects. I looked it up. It can have some skin effects in there. Again, that's not really what I care about for this video. The Mucuna Pruriens is actually awesome, I know I said earlier. So the difference between dopamine and L-dopa, they're going to be very similar, but L-dopa can cross your blood brain barrier whereas dopamine can't.

I think dopamine has to turn into L-dopa, so the fact that Mucuna Pruriens turns into L-dopa is just a straight shot, and dopamine obviously is going to make you feel good. Again, if you are depressed from coming off cycle, that's kind of what all of this is going for. It's going to help your mood, help your hormones get balanced out. You can kind of see where all this is going.

The Damiana Extract is actually an aphrodisiac. I don't know. Who knows if that's real. I don't really believe in that. I think it could, I don't know. I don't really listen to PubMed stuff, but that is what it's known for. And then the Icariin, that is the stuff that's in horny goat weed. But from here it comes from Epimedium Extract. I don't know. And that improves mood. And the other two cool things I saw about that, protects your brain and heart health.

But overall a lot of guys will use horny goat weed for libido and I think possibly ED function. So it may help with blood flow, which it may if it's heart health. So if it improves blood flow, that could help with ED. For women, maybe just more blood flow can go to certain areas and help stimulate some things. I know Viagra, you can take it as a woman in a smaller dose. I don't know how much, but it actually can have effects for you.

Sodium nitrate, again, I think that's a blood flow thing. And then the Arimistane we went over. So as you can see, it's a little bit of a different way of going about a PCT, why it makes more sense for a woman. It's not so heavily going to crush all your hormones. Your hormones are still going to get back at the same amount of time, but it's going to help mitigate the effects of possibly having low testosterone or low estrogen or whatever the case may be from your cycle. This is going to help you feel better while your body is getting itself back to homeostasis.

And again, this is really more so for prohormones. I don't know what you would take as a woman if you're fully taking test and trying shit. But again, if you're taking testosterone and Trenbolone, you probably are past the point of trying to keep some sort of ... the reason that some steroids and prohormones are for women or for men, whatever the case may be, it's not really that they're for them. It's that a lot of women when they're going down the path of taking prohormones or steroids, whatever the case, they don't want the effects of the jaw line coming through really hard, hair growth, enlarged genital features.

A lot of women don't want that. Some don't care and that's fine. It's your body. You can do whatever you want. But most women don't want those, so they will choose things like of prohormones taking DecaBolin, [inaudible 00:08:13] 19 or Nandrolone. That's going to be probably the best thing you can do because it's very low on the androgenic rating or taking actual Oxandrolone Anavar as a woman. Very low on the androgenic rating.

So there are things that you can take to reduce the risk of those masculinizing effects, but that's also why you'd want to take a PCT to get back to normal. But if you're taking stuff like full on testosterone as a woman, I've never heard of a woman taking Trend, but I'm sure they do. If you're taking all of this crazy strong stuff as a woman, you're probably beyond the point of trying to preserve some of that stuff. Good for you. Do whatever you want to do. Get huge. I don't give a shit. But if you're trying to not blast all the time and try to keep some those features, do a PCT like this. Just do short cycles of stuff. You should see the effects you want to see.

And then as far as stacks, we figured out Harmonize would be a really good PCT last week. We put some stacks together on our website right now. There's the beauty and the bulk Anabar stack for women, which is Anabar and Harmonize. And then a quick side note, the Anabar from Hightech Pharmaceuticals versus [inaudible 00:09:22] Anabar. [inaudible 00:09:24] Anabar is generally for cutting. You could use it however you want, but most people use it for cutting or women will use it. Anabar from Hightech is probably going to be more of a bulking situation, because there is going to be some testosterone conversion in there.

So keep that in mind. This is going to be a bulking stack. And then there is a ultimate Women's prohormone stack with PCT, which is Anabar, [inaudible 00:09:45] and Harmonize. So for both of these stacks, you take the prohormones, whether it's just Anabar or Anabar and [inaudible 00:09:51] and then afterward take your cycle of Harmonize. And if you're trying to, we don't really have one right here, we probably should make one. If you're just trying to do a cutting stack as a woman, and when I say stack, I just mean whatever, more than one thing. [inaudible 00:10:05] is going to be really good, followed up with Harmonize, boom, that's perfect.

It's pretty much all you're going to need. And then on the bottle of Harmonize, I thought it was strange. I think it's on the back or something like that, it says, "Female only product." I think men could use this. I don't think they'd want to use this because it's a pink bottle and dudes are afraid of that stuff. But guys actually can use this. I assume it's going to be smaller doses of everything, since usually the body weight of men to women is quite different.

But guys, if you want to use this, if you want an aphrodisiac, if you want something to prove your mood, L-dopa, if you want all that stuff, go for it. There's actually better PCTs. But if you just want a mood booster type deal, this will probably be really good. And then additionally, look at the reviews that we have on our website and Blackstone has on theirs. And even competitor sites, I don't care. Look up the reviews for this stuff. The reviews are actually awesome. They're surprising. The benefits and stuff that people get, it's really worth a look to see what other women see and what they experience from these.

I'm a guy, so even if I took this, if I gave you an anecdotal review of what I felt wouldn't really mean much because I'm not a girl. So if you go on these reviews and see what girls have taken, what they liked by it, I think you'd be really surprised that all of the benefits and positivities that come from it. So again, this whole video is to say if you're a woman and you're doing a prohormone that we sell on our site, consider Harmonize for your PCT as opposed to something harsher like a [inaudible 00:11:31].

Both will work, but Harmonize is just geared towards women. It really is going to be more so what you're looking for. However long your cycle is, one month of Harmonize, it's probably good. If you've been crushing prohormones for a long time, maybe do two months, but you should be good with one month.

And then as far as how to take. It's 120 capsules, four capsules is a serving. I don't see the exact directions, but I assume either take four in the morning or two in the morning, two at night. That's probably the best way to do something like this. Or actually, no, you wouldn't want to do two at night because of the PEA. So take four earlier in the day. If you guys have any questions, feel free to leave us a comment or shoot us an email or give us a call and we'll be happy to help you out. All right, thanks.


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