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Product Review: Raze Voo Doo, It Doesn't Taste Like Doo Doo

Product Review: Raze Voo Doo, It Doesn't Taste Like Doo Doo

Limited Edition Raze Energy Drink Voo Doo Flavor Review

Fall is here, Halloween is just a couple weeks away, and we're beginning to see those Limited Edition Fall and Halloween flavors coming out. One such flavor is the Raze Energy Drink Voo Doo flavor. Raze Voo Doo flavored energy drinks are back, so we figured we'd bring you guys a review.

REPP Sports had their fans select the name of this Halloween themed energy drink making it the first ever crowd sourced energy drink. With flavors that don't describe the flavor itself people are always curious about what it tastes like, so we're sure you want to know what Voo Doo tastes like. Voo Doo is an orange flavored energy drink.

Now we're fans of Raze Energy Drinks, but if were forced to give a critique it might be that all the flavors taste somewhat alike. The Voo Doo flavor however has a pretty unique taste, and has a good orange flavor, without tasting too artificial or being obnoxious. 

Surprisingly there's not a whole lot of orange flavored energy drinks on the market. Reign doesn't have an orange flavor, nor does Bang, the only two orange flavored energy drinks that come to mind are the orange 3D Energy Drink and Merica Labz Merican Made. For comparison Raze has a great taste, but is a bit more subtle in it's flavor profile. Overall we're big fans of the Raze Voo Doo flavor and it only comes around once a year, so if you're a fan of RTD Energy Drinks and all things orange grab yourself a case while you still can!

REPP Sports Raze Energy 12/Case


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