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Muscle Sports Rolls Out Limited Edition Ghoulade Flavor with a Glow in the Dark Tub

Muscle Sports Rolls Out Limited Edition Ghoulade Flavor with a Glow in the Dark Tub

We've been supplement brands rolling out their Limited Edition Halloween flavors in recent weeks. Well yesterday evening Muscle Sport got in on the action as well. On Instagram last night Muscle Sport announced an all new Limited Edition Halloween flavor of their flagship pre-workout Rhino Rampage. The all new flavor is called Ghoulade and is going to be a unique Lime Banana Runts Candy flavor. What's truly unique about Ghoulade is the glow in the dark tub it comes in. 

This release is going to be extremely limited with just 2,500 tubs made and it will be dropping this upcomming Friday the 16th at 6PM EST. We're hoping we can manage to get a few tubs in here for you guys so stay tuned for that. You can also checkout our full line-up of Rhino Rampage flavor options at the link below...

Muscle Sport Rhino Rampage 30 Servings


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