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Insane Labz Psychotic & Psychotic Gold Now Available in Convenient Stick Packs

Insane Labz Psychotic & Psychotic Gold Now Available in Convenient Stick Packs

Insane Labz Psychotic Stick Packs

OG Supplement Brand Insane Labz, best known for their Preworkout supplements including their flagship product Psychotic Preworkout have recently rolled out individual serving stick packs or sacchets of two of their most popular products, Psychotic Preworkout and Psychotic Gold Preworkout. Convenient individual serving stick packs are becoming more popular with more and more brands rolling out Stick Pack versions of their most popular supplements, 5% Nutrition recently out out 5150 as well as All Day You May in individual stock packs in addition to tubs.

Insane Labz new stick packs are available in variety packs of their Psychotic and Psychotic Gold Preworkouts, both being sampler packs or assorted packs. The Psychotic Stick Packs come with 30 individual serving stick packs per bag, 10 are Fruit Punch, 10 are Grape and 10 are Blue Raspberry. As for Psychotic Gold, those also come in 30 bag packs with 10 being Fruit Punch, 10 being Gummy Candy, and 10 being Blue Punch. 

While stick packs are a convenient way to carry, travel with, and take your preworkout, it does come at a bit of a premium price point with a 30 pack of Psychotic running $69.95 and a 30 pack of Psychotic Gold running $74.95, compared to the $34.95 price tag on a 30 serving tub of these preworkouts. 

These all new 30 pack bags of Psychotic Stick Packs are now available on the Insane Labz website and we may wind up bringing them into the Best Price Nutrition warehouse sometime in the coming weeks. 

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