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Hydration Brand Salud Drops New "Calm + Sleep" Drink Mix

Hydration Brand Salud Drops New "Calm + Sleep" Drink Mix

Salud Calm + Sleep Drink Mix

Salud is a brand best known for their hydration drink mixes which come in individual stick packs and feature classic Mexican flavors like Horchata, Guava, Cucumber Lime and others. Salud has quickly become one of the more popular brands in the hydration category and we've just learned they're expanding into the Sleep and Relaxation category with an all new Salud Calm + Sleep.

Along with a host of other new product drops we've seen from various brands today, Salud has just dropped Calm + Sleep which features Melatonin and Affron, two superstar ingredients to help you relax, turn off your mind, and fall asleep and stay asleep. You can checkout the supplement facts label and ingredients below, in addition to Affron and Melatonin this formula also features 350mg of Magnesium along with 250mg of L-Theanine, two ingredients which support calmness and relaxation.

Salud's All New Sleep formula currently is only available in one flavor a Punch flavor and is now available on the Taste Salud website in a bag of 15 stick packs for just $24.99. 

Sald Calm + Sleep Ingredients

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